Dan Costello

Dan Costello grew up in smaller Idaho towns armed with a radio and a baritone ukulele. His love for music led him to a classical guitar degree from Boise State University and a full-time professional music career now spanning over 20 years. His songwriting includes influences of classical, jazz, Latin, mainstream pop/rock, bluegrass, folk, and progressive rock. His inspiration often lies in the challenge of finding a harmonious blend of these contrasting flavors to create the perfect dish. In joining the Board of Directors for the ISA, Costello brings an eagerness to learn more about the art and skill of songwriting, as well as a wealth of experience in numerous channels of the music industry, and a connection with many of the local area’s active professional musicians, music dealers, and performance venues. He currently serves as the host of the ISA’s monthly Songwriters Forum, and as a member of its Events Committee.