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Virtual Songwriter’s Forum

Second Tuesday of every month on the Facebook page starting at 7PM

As we navigate to a new normal, we still want to see you all and stay engaged with our songwriting, to do this we have been hosting a Virtual Songwriters Forum.

Read below on how to submit a video for the show OR sit back, relax and enjoy the videos starting at 7pm.

Make an easy video, no big production, upload it and send us the link, we will post each video on our facebook page the second Tuesday of every month. As always the video needs to be your original tune. The video needs to be of you performing your song, just as if we were all together at the forum. Please no lyric videos, picture videos or produced “music videos”.

The virtual forum is the second Tuesday of every month. Please email your video link by midnight on the Friday before the Virtual forum date to Carrie at

ISA Online Forum guidelines:

Videos should be uploaded to one’s own personal video server or account (such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch etc.?) when possible, so a link can be shared. If you do not have such an account, try to reduce the video size as much as possible and send directly to Carrie via (WeTransfer, DropBox, etc.) at

Songs should be original works to which you own the rights, or if it’s a collaborative work, it’s one in which any and all artists involved in its creation have explicitly granted permission for you to record and share the song.

Song length is less restrictive than the regular Forum events, but we still ask that videos be kept to a manageable length and size; at this time we’re recommending videos be no longer than 8 minutes total, including any intros, descriptions/discussions of the song, etc.

Thematic content of songs is usually wide open, though we may have themed events where we are seeking more specific topics. Even when a specific topic has been recommended, we don’t want that to discourage you from sharing, so feel free to still submit something else “off-topic.”

While this isn’t an absolute rule, we encourage more recent creations and/or recent videos of performances, rather than archival material.

Just as we emphasize during the normal Forum events, your video performance should be focused on the song itself, with minimal emphasis on any other more elaborate elements of production, such as complex backing tracks, band instrumentation or orchestration, choreography, audio or video special effects, or staging. Keep it simple and convey the song as clearly as possible.

Since our monthly Songwriters Forums are not possible, you can donate or set up a monthly donation here:

Any donation will keep us dedicated to nurturing the creative art of songwriting & fostering the relationship between songwriters & the community when this is all behind us.


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